Who Suicided Tracy Twyman?*

"I don't trust Sean, he is one of them" - Tracy Twyman

The Question that have been burning the many within their heart: Who Suicided Tracy Twyman?

Who Suicided Tracy Twyman: Dazed & Confused

Dazed & Confused Tracy Twyman


"that somebody was her friend that turned... this was somebody she knew that this, okay, and somebody was posing as a husband and wife is what I was getting.."

"She was kind of struck by somebody she felt was a friend of hers so this is a betrayal on a total level.

Hollywood crowd Diva & Psychic, Sloan Bella and channeling Tracy R. Twyman on July 18th 2019 

Penguin Lee Taylor
S.B. Alger the Stalker

"Chubby" Penguin Nurse Lee Taylor

"And now I've learned to let all that go---so---you must DIE!" - S.B. Alger

"I just make sure they know I'm really crazy and dangerous too..." - S.B. Alger

"..we could write an "MTV / Kids science experiment" book Style where you seduce people into using Ouija board..." - S.B. Alger

"..skinny drug whores were my addiction." - S.B. Alger

""Jesus.. naked, with an underage boy" I am obsessed.." - S.B. Alger

"I'll end in whimsy and say I've found this beautifully talented and strangely erotic man.." - S.B. Alger

"I'm reluctant to relay what I know about Tracy and God..." - S.B. Alger

"..struck by somebody she felt was a friend of hers.."

Lee (Alicia) Taylor Text Message via Sean Bryan Alger Phone to Tracy Twyman:  Sean Alger: 4:18 PM On our way.  Sean Alger: This is Lee Sean's girlfriend Imao so we are now on our way to the correct address 4:22 PM
Lee Taylor (and Sean Bryan Alger) fits Sloan Bella's description on Tracy Twyman's murderers, in contrast to S.B. Alger accusations:  "..struck by somebody she felt was a friend of hers.."
Discord, S.B. Alger:  We've seen half a dozen things since Tracy's passing that let us know she was way too far/deep into their plan... I don't wanna list them right now--but--I think they "had to take her out" because she was gonna fuck up their scripted BS.

"I don't wanna list them right now"
"..they "had to take her out""

WHO are "THEM" and "THEY?
Hiding Information from the Law?
Were S.B. Alger & his girlfriend Lee Taylor involved in Tracy Twyman's death?
Will S.B. Alger speak if he were placed on the "witness stand"?
For S.B. Alger confirmed publicly that he knows who Murdered Tracy R. Twyman

Discord: S.B. Alger: I was following the Holy Spirit.
Discord: S.B. Alger: ..like the holy ghost was yelling at me...

Was it Auditory Hallucinations that commanded S.B. Alger to undo the Occult Researcher Tracy R. Twyman?

Discord S. B. Alger "But the spirit was speaking there too"
The "spirit'.. was it speaking about a Murder, Tracy R. Twyman Murder?

"I'll end in whimsy and say I've found this beautifully talented and strangely erotic man.." - S.B. Alger (Sean Bryan Alger)

Devil Red Phone

Hello Satan!